iTunes Goodies

  1. iTunes Goodies

This post is a not-very-subtle plug for two mind blowingly awesome things that have recently appeared in the iTunes store.

Ashmore – 1000 Mile Stare

First up is my brother Colin’s band, Ashmore. Their album, 1000 Mile Stare was released at the beginning of September worldwide on iTunes.

Col plays rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards and also recorded, engineered and mixed the album.

It rocks. Go buy it now and support my little brother! (ha – ‘little’ – he’s way taller than me)

You can buy the album on iTunes, Amazon MP3 store and various other download services (does anyone actually use Napster anymore?)

Read more about the band on


My good friend Paul’s first iPhone app hit the store over the weekend.

It’s a anagram game called txtwist. Very fun, addictive, and a steal at 59p

My claim to fame is that created the logo for the app. Don’t laugh, please. You know I’m not a graphic designer in any way!

I hope you can spare a moment to take a look at both of these. Both of them have put in huge amounts of time, effort, bloody, sweat and tears into their respective projects. I’m so proud of them.